Translating: a question of confidence
  We translate into a wide range of languages, including Polish, Czech, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish etc. as well as all the more "usual" languages
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  • a price that will astonish you
  • above all, a service in which you can have complete confidence
  • translations into all languages (Arabic, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Russian etc.)
  • free and sworn translations
  • all types of work and all disciplines
  • very short deadlines
  • seven days a week

Translating a text into a foreign language when you do not know a single word, such as Arabic or Chinese? Easy, you might think. But...

How much confidence can you have in the person who has interpreted your message?

"Traduttore, Traditore.." (Translator, Traitor) goes the old Italian saying. The implication is that every translation is inevitably unfaithful and consequently risks doing injustice to the author's original ideas.

This Italian aphorism which dates back to the XIXth century, where diplomatic activity was intense in Europe making its way, opens the door for many suspicions. It implies that any translation can be inaccurate and betray the meaning wanted by the author of the original text.

If it was true then, it is certainly no more so today: translating has now become a profession in itself, requiring many years of study and sound experience, as well as impeccable professional standards. If we also add that a translation can only be carried out into the best possible target language - the translator's own mother tongue, since he knows all its subtleties, it becomes clear that the profession has come a long way since the time when people were happy to translate into a language just because they understood it. Even though they were unaware of many of its subtleties.

Does that mean that all translators today are safe from these pitfalls? Certainly not. As in all types of human activity, there are real specialists and those who seek to pass themselves off as specialists.

The market is crawling with ad-hoc translators whose abilities are far below what they ought to be. And as we pointed out at the beginning, how can you check the quality and standard of the work which is done for you?

Let us take one example which is, unfortunately, all too common: many products have European labels in four languages, but only the original language is at all comprehensible. The other three are full of mistakes or sheer nonsense. If the industrialist's products do badly because they simply make the all-powerful buyer burst out laughing, can he really feel that he has succeeded? We do not think so. On the contrary, we think that this is the most disastrous form of adverse publicity. And what about all those instruction leaflets which are completely incomprehensible to the user? There is only one solution: contact a reputable and established international translation agency with a network of professional translators based throughout the world.

Amir Translations is a company which deserves your confidence and can meet all your requirements. It makes use of sworn translators attached to the Belgian Courts, which provides a real guarantee: wanting to be an expert is not enough.

As well as its dynamic team working into a wide range of languages, including Polish, Czech, Chinese, Arabic, etc. as well as all the more "usual" languages, Amir Translations can guarantee you a perfect translation service, at a speed which you have only dreamed of. Do you have a problem translating into any language in the world? Amir Translations will take care of it, since the company has contacts all over the world. All of them professional translators.

In short, you only need to remember one name: Amir Translations.